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Marketo ETL without the headache of code or scripts

Marketo is a powerful marketing automation platform, but custom integrations have been a challenge for marketers as they often require some experience of APIs or complex integration tools.

aromerge is a data integration tool that allows marketers to get data in or out without having to wait on IT! It uses Marketo as the central point for data integration.

What is Marketo ETL?

ETL is an abbreviation for for Extract, Transform and Load. This simply means aromerge can connect to your data sources and pull in the relevant updates. Regardless of whether it’s from your business intelligence platform, your website or even a custom CRM and transform that using Marketo ETL ready for Marketing to use!

How does Marketo ETL work?

Marketo ETL offers the ability to mass load person or custom object records into Marketo simply:

  1. Connect your Marketo instance
  2. Hook up your data warehouse or data sources
  3. Map your fields to the relevant object
  4. Then launch on your schedule!

Set-up in just a few minutes

Marketo ETL from aromerge takes just a few minutes to set-up. Simply connect your Marketo, connect your data source and start your data integration with Marketo. Without the need of IT or complex ETL maintenance.

Marketo data integration has never been so simple, just hook up your data warehouse and ETL Marketo does the rest. aromerge allows you to integrate Marketo data into other business systems, or import and centralise.

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Try free of charge Easy setup No credit card required

Why choose aromerge Marketo ETL?

aromerge was built by Marketo experts who understand the challenges of marketing and technology teams when it comes to data integration.

Secure & scalable

We don’t store any data, so you’re always in control and compliant to data privacy regulations. Our platform is fully encrypted and uses scalable cloud technology, meaning you’ll never struggle even with the most demanding integrations.

Fully customisable

Regardless of your data warehouse type, the number of data sources, or even if you’ve a custom CRM. Our Marketo ETL can help you load data and extract data from Marketo.

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