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Marketo duplicates suck, we all know that…

Out of the box Marketo data management tools or even visualisations are non-existent, the best you’ll get is a list of data to sort through.

That’s why we built aromerge!

We’re helping marketers visualise data issues from Marketo, and using the power of the platform and some artificial intelligence (AI) we’re transforming bad data into good data. As they say, admitting the problem is the first step to recovery.

Marketo Database Hygiene Report

How to prevent duplicates in Marketo

Sadly there is no in-built secret to preventing Marketo duplicates. Duplicate person records are often created in Marketo through CRM integrations. This is often where the CRM users cannot see everything in the database because of the permissions they have. On occasion a poor integration to Marketo via the API can also create duplicates.

Marketo does have some built-in logic for merging duplicate records when the unique identifier (UID) matches. The standard unique identifier in Marketo is Email Address. Although in some advanced cases of Marketo deployments you’ll see custom UIDs like account numbers being used.

A new era of Marketo deduplication is here

aromerge allows you to automate the removal of duplicates by applying rules and logic. Best of all we’ve built the tool to be always-on because bulk duplicate merge in Marketo isn’t fun.

Run once or set as always-on

Using aromerge you can set your deduplication rules to merge based on email address or a custom dedupe key which increases the matching criteria. You can run a one-time bulk duplicate merge, or set your Marketo dedupe to always-on and never worry about duplicate records again!

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Clean Marketo Duplicates

5 Reasons to manage duplicates in Marketo

There are numerous benefits to deduplicating your Marketo database, and these are our top five:

  1. It’s costing you money! Marketo is priced per contact, this means for every duplicate lead you’re paying additional licence cost. Keeping your data clean means potential savings in your annual fees   in the thousands 
  2. You’re pushing duplicate leads into your CRM. Dirty data spreads into the CRM (SFDC and Microsoft Dynamics) through integrations. If you’ve got a custom Marketo integration this could be even more complicated.
  3. They never stop appearing duplicate leads are created constantly through data entry from sales people, new integrations, and even marketing activities!
  4. Don’t lose your marketing intelligence! We spend valuable marketing budget on building an audience and engagement. If you’ve got a duplicate lead and contacts you’ll only see part of the picture.
  5. It’s easy to automate using aromerge, your Marketo data management platform. Register today and receive 250 free credits (equivalent to 50 dedupes).

Why choose aromerge for Marketo deduplication

aromerge was built by Marketo experts who’ve managed Marketo implementations with over 6M contacts. But duplicate leads issues are not just affecting large instances, but almost every instance. With aromerge you’ll be able to:

  • Set and forget. With our “always on” Marketo dedupe tool you’ll never need to worry about duplicates again. Aromerge dedupe is set to remove duplicate records as soon as they’re created.
  • Low cost solution. Manage your marketo duplicates with our credit based system, no commitment, pay as you go, and no hidden costs.
  • Merges Contacts in Marketo and CRM !* Deduplicating in CRM is typically a siloed process, leaving duplicates in the Marketo database. With aromerge we’ll manage the dedupe in both! (*only SFDC CRM)
  • Self-Serve platform. We’ve built an easy to use interface for bulk deduplication. Giving your visibility and control over your Marketo dedupe process.
  • Simple and advanced matching criteria. Whether you’re matching by Email Address, Full Name, or a custom UID aromerge’s advanced deduplication rules will handle any scenario.
  • Easy set-up, simply connect your Marketo, throw in your smart list and run!
  • Test run in aromerge dedupe allows you to simulate the results of a dedupe before running it. Giving you extra security and peace of mind.
Marketo dedupe aromerge
Aromerge UI

Remove duplicate records using aromerge automation

Data hygiene impacts everything from lead quality, to marketing reporting. Don’t merge records one by one. Set aromerge to always-on and forget about the troubles of duplicate records in Marketo!

Improve your data quality

aromerge will remove duplicates records and bulk dedupe your Marketo database based on your criteria. Deep insights and analytics will give you visibility to your data hygiene.

So what does it cost?

Our Marketo deduplication tool is based on the number of duplicates within your Marketo instance. We use a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) credit system that starts from as little as £40 and introduces discounts based on volume. Plus you can give it a try free or charge using the 250 free credits.