Marketo Data Hygiene Report

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See your Marketo database in new light

Marketo data management is not an easy feat, because it’s hard to visualise data quality when you’re staring at Smart Lists. That’s why we built our Marketo data hygiene report to help aromerge users monitor, identify and improve overall data hygiene.

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Clean Marketo Duplicates

Identifying your dirty data

Simply connect your Marketo instance to aromerge, provide your database limit and we’ll do the rest. Our intelligent application will analyse your entire database without storing your data but giving you enough information to take action!

When the data hygiene report is complete we will show you the overall size of your database and key metrics that can help you improve Marketo data quality and cut licence fee costs.

The price of bad data hygiene

We all know marketing automation platforms aren’t cheap and with dirty data filling our databases we’re paying in excess of what we need. aromerge enables always-on data management for Marketo.

Our platform is pay as you go (PAYG) keeps things simple and easy to manage, without the headaches of procurement processes or consultancy fees.

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Marketo ETL

Improve your campaign results

By reducing the dirty data in your Marketo database, not only are you reducing your overall licence costs, but you’re increasing the impact of your campaigns. Simply filtering our bad data doesn’t help solve the problem of Marketo data hygiene, it simply delays it!

aromerge can help improve your lead scoring programs and nurturing campaigns return faster results!