Marketo data management & hygiene without the effort

aromerge quickly identifies and fixes your data hygiene issues resulting in improved campaign performance and superior lead quality

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Data Management Costs

Data management isn’t a one time fix!

According to SiriusDecisions research between 10-25% of b2b marketing database contacts contain critical errors, but with the majority of marketers focusing on one-time cleanse projects this will always be an issue. Marketers must turn to real-time data hygiene and management to increase lead quality.

Delivering an immediate visualisation of your Marketo data hygiene

With the continuous pressure to deliver improved campaign results, marketers need a toolkit to automate data hygiene and management.

aromerge quickly analyses your Marketo database and provides an easy to understand dashboard with clear, actionable insights to improve your data hygiene and ultimately campaign results!

Marketo Database Hygiene Report
Aromerge UI

aromerge enables always-on data hygiene monitoring and management

On understanding your data issues you can quickly run one-off data management tasks to initially clean up the data and then “set and forget” to keep improving your Marketo database hygiene.

aromerge handles bulk deduplication, records management and easy identification of data issues in both Marketo and your CRM

Easily integrate your disperate marketing technology without having to beg for IT support

aromerge enables easy integration to Marketo, allowing marketers to centralise marketing contacts into a master database.

eKomi Marketo Integration
Marketo ETL

About aromerge

aromerge started life as a number of standalone solutions, built for clients by marketing experts and Marketo development specialists after countless requests for the same functionality. The team decided it made sense to make the technology affordable and easy to access for everyone.

What’s the name about?

Being based in Spain and the UK the team looked to incorporate both languages, ‘Aro’ in Spanish is loop, and we as marketing folks talk a lot about feedback loops, and keeping the data in sync, combined with ‘merge’. It portrays what we wanted to achieve from this product — a constant loop of data, always merged and centralised.

Why businesses choose aromerge

Our data management platform is easy to use & secure

aromerge is an accessible Marketo data management platform that can be configured in less than 5 minutes and is hosted on a secure Google cloud base with multi-factor security

Manage data platform

We’ve built our solutions specifically for Marketo

aromerge was developed to bring together a collection of custom data management and integration solutions that have been tried & tested.

Our affordable PAYG model reduces complexity of integrations

aromerge uses a unique credit model which allows you to stay in control of your expenditure. Simply pay for what you use, and enable or disable services when you require them!

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